Published On: November 14, 2022Categories: General

Vancouver Rush hour drivers spend a six days and five hours a year in traffic. In your working life that is around 300 days sat in traffic. To compare in LA in 2019 drivers spent 5 days in traffic, so I guess that takes us to top of the league table on the West Coast!

This is where our ICBC and Private Active Rehab program comes in. If you are looking for ICBC Active Rehab or Private Kinesiology in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Elevation Rehab can give you back some time to your day!

We currently have 16 locations stretching from North Vancouver through to Abbotsford and everywhere in between with our programs taking place at Club 16/She’s Fit facilities. Meaning that you can go to a location that is closest to you without sitting in traffic for 6 days.

Vancouver’s population density is 5,492 people per square kilometer. This continues to grow each year and traffic is only getting worse. So being close to home for active rehab is a massive bonus.

Many of our locations are also accessible by the Skytrain, in the Evo home zones and bus. Check out our locations and see which ones suit you best and we can get you started straight away.

If we have learnt anything from the recent snow storm traffic it is that closer to home is better.

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