ICBC Active Rehab

ICBC Active Rehab

Restore your body with active rehabilitation.

What Is ICBC Active Rehab?

Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents can negatively affect your daily life with chronic pain and mobility issues. If you’ve sustained such injuries and would like to participate in our Active Rehab program to help you heal, you may be eligible for coverage from ICBC. With their help, you can simply focus on getting better.

Benefits of Active Rehab

Why Elevation Rehab

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Custom Care.

At Elevation Rehab, we listen to our patients’ needs and take them seriously. Everyone’s journey to recovery will look different, so our team of Kinesiologists focus on creating personalized goals just for you. We won’t push you too far and will always respect your limitations.

Our clean and comfortable facilities include everything you need for an efficient session with us, and each session includes one hour of gym time at Club16, no membership required.

What Our Patients Say

“Gagan has a wealth of knowledge in treating my symptoms. She is a great motivator, listens and tailors the rehab program to my needs. Every session, I have completed, I have felt better and stronger.”

Jag K.

“Diane is an absolute joy. She is so professional and caring. She has already helped with my dizziness which has helped me tremendously. I know I have a long road ahead and so thankful for Diane.”

Janet T.

“Amrit is so knowledgeable and professional he has really helped me to feel comfortable with using the equipment and learning how to strengthen my muscles so that It can help me in the long run with my back condition, I’m very thankful for all your help.”

Alvaro M.

“Heather is awesome! She listen to my body and I feel stronger and in less pain then when I started my program.”

Zuki C.


For a vehicle crash that occurred after May 1, 2021, ICBC will automatically cover the cost of 12 Active Rehab sessions with a registered Kinesiologist, as long as it’s within 12 weeks of the date of the accident.

Don’t worry if you are outside of the 12-week period. You may still be eligible for our Active Rehab program! Let our team know, and we’ll help you submit requests to apply for coverage through ICBC.


Is active rehab the same as physical therapy?

Active Rehab is exercise-based, where the Kinesiologist will guide you through each exercise session. Think of active rehab like the last step on your recovery journey from an injury. Physical therapy will typically be more hands-on, where the physiotherapist will assist in stretching and massaging injured areas.

Who is active rehab for?

Active rehab isn’t just for people who were injured in car accidents. It can also be used to help with general injuries or sports injuries. However, our ICBC Active Rehab is designed specifically to help with motor vehicle accident recovery.

What exercises and techniques are used in active rehab programs?

Active rehab can include all kinds of exercises, using dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight exercises, stretches, and aerobic activities. The exercises we choose for your workout will be tailored to your goals and current abilities. We won’t push you to do things you cannot do.

Can I continue my regular physical activities or exercises while participating in active rehab?

We’ll determine if it’s appropriate to continue physical activities outside of your sessions in our initial assessment and as we monitor your progress.

How to Find Us

Elevation Rehab has 16 locations in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas within Club16 Fitness facilities for your convenience. Start your Active Rehab journey at your preferred location.

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