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What Is Physio-led Kinesiology?

Elevation Rehab’s team of Kinesiology professionals understand the way the body functions from our joints to our muscles, and how all of them function together. Guided by a partnered Physiotherapist, our experts will work with you to improve your strength, mobility, stability and endurance to prevent injury and move better than ever before.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Why Elevation Rehab

kinesiology team

Personalized Care

Our team of Kinesiologists take the utmost care of their patients. We respect that everyone’s journey and goals will look different, and instead of just telling you what to do, we listen to your story. By understanding your situation, we can create the best personalized plan for you. Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply want to balance your body’s functionality, we’re here to help.

What Our Patients Say

“Gagan has a wealth of knowledge in treating my symptoms. She is a great motivator, listens and tailors the rehab program to my needs. Every session, I have completed, I have felt better and stronger.”

Jag K.

“Diane is an absolute joy. She is so professional and caring. She has already helped with my dizziness which has helped me tremendously. I know I have a long road ahead and so thankful for Diane.”

Janet T.

“Amrit is so knowledgeable and professional he has really helped me to feel comfortable with using the equipment and learning how to strengthen my muscles so that It can help me in the long run with my back condition, I’m very thankful for all your help.”

Alvaro M.

“Heather is awesome! She listen to my body and I feel stronger and in less pain then when I started my program.”

Zuki C.


Kinesiology sessions are $120 + gst per appointment. Because our Kinesiologists partner with Physiotherapists, you may be able to bill your sessions under PHYSIO to your insurance. However, Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) does not cover this program. We recommend contacting your insurance provider for more information.


Is Kinesiology the same as physical therapy?

While both Kinesiology and physical therapy work to improve your body’s function, physical therapy is geared toward recovering and healing from an injury, and a physical therapist will be more hands-on. Kinesiology is generally focused on optimizing your body’s ability to move and preventing future injury through exercise.

How long will my program last, and how frequently will we have sessions?

The length and frequency of your training program will be unique to your situation and goals, and we will estimate the amount of sessions you’ll likely need after our first consultation, but you should expect to see us for multiple sessions.

We will monitor your progress as you go through the program. Many patients will have regular sessions every 4-6 weeks to maintain their progress and check in. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long.

Should I follow any dietary or nutritional guidelines to complement my treatment?

We always recommend a well-balanced diet to support your body’s health and make the most of your Kinesiology program.

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Elevation Rehab has 16 locations in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas within Club16 Fitness facilities for your convenience. Start your Active Rehab journey at your preferred location.

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